Technology Management and Transactions

From the very time they are launched, companies need to engage in a careful and deliberate process of developing, implementing and continuously improving policies and practices with respect to development, acquisition and protection of the technology and other intellectual property rights that are necessary for pursuit and achievement of their strategic goals and objectives.  In general, technology management concerns itself with the creation or acquisition of technology, particularly the process of transforming basic knowledge, or science, into products that have practical and commercial utility in the marketplace or in internal business activities.  Technology management also includes the steps that need to be taken to protect the technology of the firm, including the development and maintenance of an intellectual property rights portfolio, and the formulation and implementation of strategies for commercial exploitation of the company’s technological assets.


Business Transactions Solution on Thomson Reuters Westlaw contains a transaction-based practice system for the life cycle of a business entity. Each transaction structures itself around a module design, including transaction summary, memorandum analysis, master forms needed to execute the transaction, commentary analyzing every clause or provision of the form, drafting and review checklists, and specialty forms. The unlimited-use subscription provides regular updates, including new master forms, commentary, checklists, and specialty forms.

Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Technology Management and Transactions provides an excellent overview of the various types of intellectual property rights as well as solid advice on how to protect these valuable assets. Topics covered include patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks, intellectual property in the global marketplace, and general considerations in negotiating technology transactions. It also covers licensing agreements, research and development agreements, technology management, joint ventures, investment partnerships, computers and software, web site design and hosting agreements, Internet and online transactions, and much more. The forms are available on CD-ROM.

Legal Compliance Checkups: Business Clients.  The questionnaire format of this multivolume work shows how to elicit answers, make a diagnosis, and recommend an efficient, safe course of action for your business clients. Each chapter provides business guidance in specific business activities, including forming contracts; buying and selling a business; franchising; operating in the global marketplace; counseling on insurance, pension, securities, and product liability issues; borrowing money; contracting with the government; and resolving patent, copyright, and trademark-related problems and issues. Topics include business organization, estate planning, labor relations, real estate, securities, patents, computer software, advertising warranties, environmental law, and transportation and distribution.  Features include showing how to assess the “legal health” of your clients and suggestions on how to apply the right remedies to legal pitfalls in your clients’ activities.

Business Counselor’s Law & Compliance Practice Manual offers in-house counsel, or outside counsel acting as the primary legal and compliance adviser to a company, a comprehensive set of materials on how to establish, manage, and grow the law and compliance function. You’ll benefit from the author’s insights based on over two decades of experience with internationally recognized law firms as a partner and senior counsel member. Topics covered include organizing and managing the law and compliance function; managing a company’s intellectual property rights; human resources; and international compliance issues. Other manual features include forms and checklists available in print and on CD-ROM.

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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES (POWERED BY SUSTAINABLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROJECT)  The Sustainable Entrepreneur’s Library of Resources for Technology Management consists of five Parts.  Part I provides an overview of the scope and practice of technology management, including the special challenges of managing and commercializing emerging technologies, and then continues with a discussion of various topics including the strategic aspects of technology management; assigning management responsibilities for technology activities; technology forecasting; technology scanning, evaluation and selection; methods for acquisition of new technologies, including internal development and outsourcing; strategies for exploitation of technology rights; methods for protecting the advantages of technologies; and knowledge management.  Part II includes chapters on management of technology activities; research and development; and sustainable technology management.  Part III includes chapters on the important types of intellectual property rights available to companies to appropriate the value of their innovative activities—patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets—and chapters that explain how to develop and implement an intellectual property rights strategy; conduct audits of a company’s intellectual property assets; create intellectual property compliance programs and manuals; and sort out ownership and usage rights of intellectual property in the employment relationship.  Part IV focuses on environmental and institutional influences on technology management.  Part V discusses the current status and prospects of technology management activities in developing countries.  A complete Table of Contents for the Library is available here and information regarding ordering materials from the Library can be obtained by contacting


West Legal Ed Center Click for list of all programs presented by the Institute on West Legal Ed Center.  Programs relating to technology management and transactions include several videos prepared for the Beyond the Bar training initiative and the following webinars (available on demand):

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