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Appreciating the Impact of Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurship

The "startup" gets all the attention; however, meaningful entrepreneurship that has a real impact on society focuses on innovation, sustainable job creation and strategic evolution into new markets.  This type of entrepreneurship, often referred to as "growth-oriented entrepreneurship", is defined and explained in a new chapter released by the International Center for Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurship and available for download here.


Developing Countries Turn to Private Sector Entrepreneurship as a Path for Growth

Import substitution and export promotion as strategies for growth and economic progress have given way to a new emphasis on entrepreneurship in developing countries.  The International Center for Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurship has released the latest version of its report on "Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries", which covers new policies that place a greater focus on the role of the private sector as an important engine for economic growth and a de-emphasis on the role of government planning.




Academics & Policymakers Push Innovation Clusters as Engines for Entrepreneurship

Innovation Clusters is an important and fascinating topic among academics and policymakers interested in fostering entrepreneurship.  The International Center for Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurship has prepared a chapter on Innovation Clusters that is available for download here.  To learn a little more, see the Center's post on LinkedIn Pulse.